Saturday, 19 May 2012

HISTORY HEROES - How well do you know your monarchs?

History Heroes by Cuthberts Toys of Hertfordshire


How well do you know your monarchs?

This is a super game which comes in the form of forty two playing cards and one of instruction, about British monarchs. It's presented in a pack like a regular pack of playing cards but each card inside is devoted to one British or English monarch.  The cards all have a jolly cartoon picture of each monarch and below that, are six facts of decreasing complexity.  At the bottom of each card are clues designed to help befuddled players to achieve the correct answer. There are six games to play which are described on the instruction card and these are fun and competitive. It would also be possible to set further challenges to players such as putting the monarchs in chronological order, or using them as a starting point for further discoveries.  

I can well imagine that anyone playing one of these games would quickly increase their store of knowledge about those who have wielded power over the English, or the British, as they were after James 1 of Britain and VI of Scotland. 

Even those who consider themselves well informed will learn some surprising facts.  Did you know that Henry VIII was the first to be called Your Majesty, or that William IV had an affair with an actress and had ten children with her? And that Oliver Cromwell died of malaria after a huge thunderstorm hit London in 1649?

This is a game which is guaranteed to provide a lot of fun for children and their grown ups.  Inquisitive children of eight upwards will love this and so will their grannies and grandpas.  Granny might also pose the question 'can a man who beheaded two wives or one who went mad or one who abdicated the throne be properly called a 'hero'?  But that's another profitable way to use this very attractive game. It would make a lovely present and keep the family occupied for hours. And you'll all be better informed at the end.
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