Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Best Playmobil Ever. I mean EVER!

                Cuthberts love this review of the Playmobil 5100 Stone Age Man with Cave by Brilliant Blogger and Playmobil Ambassador Being a Mummy. 

                         You can follow her blogs at Being A Mummy   

           The Best Playmobil Ever. I mean EVER!

The other day Playmobil sent us a box, as part of their ambassador scheme I thought it might contain something for the children which they would love. Little did I know that I would find myself secretly envious of Boy, hoping that he didn't like his brilliant new toy and hoping that he would give it to me. Of course, he loves it and girl (although technically too young) equally loves it. Curses, I wonder if it can 'go missing'...
What am I talking about? Only the best Playmobil in the whole world ever without fail invented by a Playmobil design genius. A set of Playmobil that is an essential purchase for all archaeologists the world over. Playmobil set 5100 Stone Age Cave with Mammoth!For archaeologists it needs no interpretation, you can re-enact Clan of the Cave bear type scenarios in your living room. I actually feel more inspired than when I read Paul Bahns Journey Through the Ice Age and that is saying something. When I was setting this up with the boy you needed to stick little stickers of cave art on the cave. I kept wondering if I could squirrel them away and stick them onto my archaeology toolbox instead. There's a gap in the market if ever I spotted one!

So anyway, you get a working mammoth, lots of palaeolithic hunters with associated flint spears and a ritual deer skull headdress! A cave, some fish, a wolf and a wolfskin. What more could you want? I've genuinely had hours of fun playing with this with the kids, it's great because I can tell them about stuff and show them things in my books as they come up during role playing.

Review: It's the best toy in our house.
If you want to get one, and if you are an archaeologist reading this I know you will, you'll find this (and lots more sets in the range)

Cuthberts sell a great range of Playmobil on our website

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cuthberts - keeping it local...

Cuthberts Toys were born in St Albans on 28th September 2009, We are an independent retailer who believe that a local community should get great value and service from retailers like us. Shopping locally and the current retail climate seem to be in the news a lot recently, as its the first day of Independent Retailer month we thought a few words about us and how we use local companies may be of interest. Its a little like a wheel, what goes around comes around...

The Collective Design

The Collective Design in Spicer Street were briefed to design a new brand identity and temporary hoarding for the Galleria Hatfield store. Matt and his team have also worked with us to design a new logo, develop web concepts, social media advice, and much more.

Herts Signs - Hatfield

 Herts Signs arranged for the design work to be converted into a hoarding and then applied to our new shop front at the Galleria Hatfield. The company also worked with The Collective Design to produce and install an illuminated store sign and internal signage.

CPS Electrics managed the install of the signage and lighting at all of our sites.

CPS - Hatfield

Letchworth based IT Store configured and installed the EPOS and back office computers for the new Hatfield Galleria. Our daily IT support is also provided by the team based in Letchworth.

Sendall Fire Protection provide site fire risk assessments for all our stores. Fire extinguisher, and alarm installs were also contracted to Stevenage based Sendall Fire for the new store. 

Nabco - St Albans
Cuthberts shop design and layout was provided by St Albans based Nabco, they also supplied the bespoke fixtures and install contacts. 

Albans Locksmiths on Hatfield Road installed new locks on all doors in the new store. 

Flooring was repaired and reinstated by a cleaner based in St Albans, this will develop into a long term contract and work for Richard. 
Our Cleaner on his day off.

SA Law - St Albans
SA Law of London Road, St Albans completed all the legal aspects of the store opening. They advised on the lease and on the commercial aspects of concluding a retail property contract. SA Law have provided all of our legal needs from guidance on our first store to the opening of the third store in Hatfield.

Cuthberts Unifoms are printed and supplied by Verulam Road based Printed Clothing.

St Albans based Red Knight Security provided and installed CCTV with security advice and ongoing support. They have provided an integrated system across all the stores and our remote and mobile systems.

Our window cleaners are Brandon Brothers 
of Hatfield, that's not them on the right.
it's me on the ladder

Team members for the new store were recruited from Hatfield and the surrounding areas. In total four full time and six part time jobs have been filled. 
Cuthberts Toys at The Galleria Hatfield
 We think shopping local works, you decide...

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