Wednesday, 17 August 2011

WOW - Dexter The Digger

Our most popular play table at Cuthbert's is the WOW one !! The toys left out to play take a full test and true battering every single day. Children pop in and head straight for the WOW table.

Dexter the Digger is one of the larger pieces in the range and one of the most popular. Due to the careful thought in the design any child will be able create lots of "stories" with Dexter. 

The scoop works and lifts the boulders and if you wish you can check the engine to make sure all is well and that you've not overworked the digger.
A very colorful and robust toy - We like Dexter !!
  • Friction-powered and needs no batteries
  • Easy-to-use mechanical dig and scoop arm
  • Engine compartment with a bonnet
  • Included are some noisy boulders.

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