Monday, 17 October 2011

Vtech Mobigo review by - review and free-toys-for-christmas

My turn to open a prize next, and mine was the Vtech Mobigo. Effectively a games console for younger children, it combines educational games with downloadable 'apps' that tested me on maths, spelling, and something Mummy called spatial awareness. She was also able to check online how I was doing in each of the learning areas. Very easy to hook up to the computer and download more games, which I did myself (although you will need a parent to pay the £2.99 for each new game!). I got the pink version with a Disney Princess game, but it does come in yellow/blue with a Cars game. It is recommended for ages 3-8.
At £49.99, it compares very well to the LeapsterExplorer, which the Bug owns. Personally I prefer the Leapster, because the games have more interesting levels (see my list of pros and cons for the Mobigo), but this is still a great interactive toy with lots of scope for learning.

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