Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Have you found Mr Gold?

Minifigures will be familiar to Lego fans of all ages and there's a special treat in store for some very lucky collectors of the latest series. Across the world, 5000 series 10 minifigure packets don't contain one of the main 16 collectables, but instead a limited edition Mr Gold.

Some Mr Gold minifigures have already started appearing for sale on eBay around the world, and here in the UK many already have bids on them taking them into hundreds of pounds. Not bad for an initial £2 investment!

You can keep track on the Lego website as to where Mr Gold has been found so far, and at the time of writing the UK is leading the Europe league table for the number of found Mr Golds. There are still over 4000 Mr Gold figures out there waiting to be found and one may well be in your local Cuthberts store. If you do find him please make sure you let us know and post a picture on our Facebook page!

To help you with your collection, Toymaster stores have also introduced a Lego minifigures Loyalty Card. Every time you buy a Lego Minifigure you collect a stamp and then your sixth minifigure is free. The loyalty card scheme runs until 30 November 2013.

And if collecting real life minifigures wasn't enough there is also a Lego Minifigures Collector app for your iphone. One for the real diehard Lego fans.

In addition to Mr Gold, the sixteen Lego minifigures making up Series 10 are:
  1. Librarian
  2. Medusa
  3. Roman Commander
  4. Warrior Woman
  5. Tomahawk Warrior
  6. Skydiver
  7. Bumblebee Girl
  8. Grandpa
  9. Paintball Player
  10. Sea Captain
  11. Sad Clown
  12. Revolutionary Soldier
  13. Baseball Fielder
  14. Trendsetter
  15. Decorator
  16. Motorcycle Mechanic

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