Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Playmobil 4009 Super Set Animal Care Station

I remember seeing a tweet from a parent on Boxing Day last year and it simply said "When did Playmobil get so good?" and it probably sums up the feelings of many parents who are just rediscovering Playmobil through their own children.

The Playmobil range is now vast and the Playmobil world stretches from Stone Age Man with Cave through to hotels, pirate ships and emergency vehicles with so much more in-between. With these three inch tall figures and a bit of imagination your children can act out pretty much any situation they can dream up - at any point in history.

One popular set is 4009, the Animal Care Station Super Set. Any child with an interest in animals will enjoy being able to care for pandas, a zebra and a giraffe and to help their keep to look after them. As well as the vet, keeper and animals the set also contains a selection of food for the animals, veterinary supplies, a wheelbarrow and the pens and treatment room. 

Whilst the recommended age range is 4 - 10 years old it's also good for slightly younger children, as long as you keep an eye on some of the smaller parts.

The set also works well in conjunction with others from the Playmobil zoo range, like 4013 Penguin Zoo Waterpark where you can include real water for the penguins to swim and play in.

Going back to that original question on twitter about when Playmobil got so good. Well, they've had over 30 years experience now in designing and manufacturing toys to fuel our children's imagination. One local parent and blogger, daddacool, is a Playmobil Playologist and was fortunate enough to visit the Playmobil Factory in Germany last year. One thing that is really clear from reading about his visit is how much importance Playmobil put on the child's experience of playing with their toys and our little customers coming back for more seems to suggest that they're getting it right.

Playmobil is available in Cuthberts stores in Letchworth, St Albans and Hatfield Galleria, and you can also buy Playmobil on our website.

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